Police Service Center


With so many challenges that police faces today, I am extremely proud of our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police services to our citizens.

City Police Multan regards the City’s residents as its highest priority. We are in a continuous process of developing programs, implementing technology and taking on new initiatives to improve service delivery to the Citizens.

At Police Khidmat Markaz Multan, an ordinary citizen can avail twelve different services related to police under a single roof, without any hustle or red tapism. It has been ensured that every applicant receives a red carpet reception at the center whenever he visits.

Credit of our success belongs to the guidance and direction demonstrated day-after –day by our leadership as well as the hard work being accomplished by the many members of my organization and the staff of Punjab Information Technology Board.

Imran Mahmood 
City Police Officer


Objectives of Police Service Center Multan

Police Khidmat Markaz was established to make Police related services readily available to the general public. It has the following objectives:

  1. To provide Police related services under a single roof and in a people friendly environment.
  2. To develop single software to ensure prompt service delivery.
  3. To promote and improve the perception about the police within the general public.

Services Provided/Offered at Police Service Center Multan

At the moment, twelve police related services are being offered to the general public which may be further increased in number in the future to come. The twelve services are as given below:

  1. Vehicle Verification.
  2. Lost Documents Report.
  3. Police Character Certificate.
  4. General Police Verification.
  5. FIR Copy.
  6. Learner Driving Permit Issuance.
  7. Driving License Renewal.
  8. International Driving Permit Issuance.
  9. Tenants Registration.
  10. Employee Registration.
  11. Crime Reporting.
  12. Legal Aid in Violence against Women in collaboration with Violence against Women Center (VAWC)