Police Service Counter 15 Multan



Establishment of Digital Rescue 15                                   

  • Emergency response & Feedback system.
  • Rejection of fake calls.
  • Digital Record keeping of the caller.
  • Operators Conversation is already recorded.
  • The process is more clear, efficient & reliable
  1. Reduced Response Time Up To 5 To 7 Minutes

    • Muhafiz Squad will respond within 05 minutes after receiving call at help line 15.
    • Police Mobile will be reached on crime scene within 07 minutes after receiving Call all police help line 15.                                                                             
  2. Geo Tagging of all vulnerable places

  • Geo Tagging of all vulnerable places of Multan District.
  • Web based security monitoring system of vulnerable places on daily basis.
  1. Response To Panic Alarm For Chinese Citizens

  •  SPU (Special Protection Unit) will respond quickly on panic alarm information and provide maximum protection to the Chinese citizens.


  1. 15 Integration With Smart Naka Sher Shah

  • Web based monitoring of Naka Sher Shah through CCTV cameras.


  1. Web based security monitoring mechanism of all important places

  • Web based security monitoring of all important places.
  • Daily based security checking of all important places.


  1. Monitoring of Hotels and Tenants through web based applications

  • Web based monitoring system of all new arrival in hotels & guest houses and tenants
     registered in area of Police Stations


  1. Vehicle Tracking System for District Mobiles & Chines Escort Mobiles (SPU)

  • This system installed 78 police mobiles and 30 motorcycles.
  • The movement of police mobiles is monitored with the help of this system.
  • In case of emergency the nearest police vehicle is directed to move towards crime scene.
  1. Biometric Attendance Software for Police Officers

  • Biometric attendance have been started at Police Lines Multan.
  1. Citizen Feedback System for 15 Calls and Applicants at Police Stations

  • A Citizen feedback mechanism is being in process for 15 calls feedback and Applications at Police Stations and Investigation. Khuli kacheri, naka jaat entry point, character certificate , vehicle verification